Helpful tips on expiting your request for taxi/cab service.


Working together is the key to a mutually desirable outcome.

Let us Help you when placing a call for taxi/cab service.
Please remember: we have a large customer base and we move briskly from one call to another.  That is why, to be fair to everyone, we have policies in place to move our cabs swiftly and safely .

We require all passengers place the call themselves to request service and have their own cell phone.   This allows dispatcher to keep you informed of any changes and any questions the driver has about your location and ETA changes.
When hospitals or restaurants or bar staff call for pick up  for their customers, this presents several problems.  First of many is our inability to gauge the condition of the person who will be sitting right next to us in a very short period of time.  Asking the 3rd party caller is useless. To be frank, they lie!  The third party caller is more interested  is getting this person GONE.  The 3rd party caller is not accomplishing their goal by telling our dispatcher "they are so drunk they can't stand or they are yelling and Abusive".  You might say to yourself that makes, sense but why hospitals? After recieving calls from the hospital and so cheerful on the phone and all is well,  we arrive to find passenger can't  walk, semiconscious, actively bleeding, mentally unstable (and why they where hospitalized).  When drivers ask what to do when we get to there destination, that is suddenly our problem.  Additionally,  most calls come from a hospital switchboard and re!
turning a phone call back through the automated switchboard is, as you all know, nightmare.  So when the hospital staff calls for a pick up and when asked if they are ready to go and they lie and say yes, they haven't even been discharged and dressed.  Cab shows up and waits and waits,  the whole time other passengers that are ready miss buses and airplanes, late for work or Doctor appointments.  All because the selfishness and inconsistencies of hospital staff.  This is why we no longer accept calls from all hospital switchboard. 

Please try to remember Quick Cabs is a local company servicing 2,000 square miles in addition  to transportation out of the Skagit county area.

Abusive behavior of any type will not be tolerated!
Nothing will end your trip or phone conversation faster than angry, passive aggressive or condescending attitude. We have other passengers waiting while you are trying to intimidate,  assaul or berate us.  We will simply say "good day sir or madam ", conversation by phone or in person will abruptly end and you phone number will be flagged as RESTRICTED.   We want to serve the good people of Skagit. 

We are all strangers until we get to know each other.  And knowing each other takes time.  We apologize that first time callers are asked a few extra questions to determine risk to drivers but this is necessary to cut down on the daily verbal, sexual and physical abuse we endure every single day.  Once a comfort level is established, the cab service runs very quickly and smoothly.   That's why we cherish our large regular customer base and wish to continue to serve our community safely and efficiently. 

David Davidson, Owner

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Making change is not the responsibility of the driver.
And here is why, the driver may start out the day with small bills in a total of $20. 87% Of all transactions that we make are done where the $20 bill. Therefore the change that we may have had at the beginning of the day is gone in the 1st half hour and had lost the driver wants to spend their time going to the bank or store continuously breaking larger bills the responsibility for making change cannot be put on the driver. we apologize for any inconvenience.



Don't get restricted, it's just common sense.

Your verbal actions and choice of word usage tells the dispatcher a great deal about the caller and his or her core personality. 

People,  who request service over the phone and cancel once we arrive or no show are selfish and inconsiderate and because they think nothing of the time and money they have wasted of another person, these sociopathic traits can not be changed and are part of the person.  I don't enjoy being negative or jaded    but we have been in business for long time which would not been possible if we chased our tails on calls on folks with bad intentions. And why these people are quickly relegated to the restricted service list.

Our dispatcher has been doing his job for many year and  Have developed very intuitive skills when talking to people on the phone.  Voice, tone, hesitation and inflection Are all good indicators of a callers intent .   This is why we cherish and appreciate our return customer base we know you over years of service and we trust that you are good intending passengers that are just trying to safely and quickly get from point a to point B. New callers  To our service which we welcome wholeheartedly, May take a few seconds longer on the phone.    We get several calls every day from new callers that unfortunately for our own safety  And economic viability we need to self screen.

Typically some of the things that we hear or don't hear from people requesting service and raise red flag Is,

*When asked the pick up address caller don't know .

* After our typical greeting call say such things as..

How fast can you?

Took you long enough to answer?

I,.....need.....something....who is this again?

* We don't take 3rd party calls, there is no way to screen and often times when we arrive, can't find passenger,  we call back and 3rd party (bartender, waitress, hospital staff) have no idea where person went.

*Not to mention the idiots  who are talking to other people in the room other than cab dispatcher that they call.

*people that called as a just in case there other cab or ride they set up before calling us falls through.

*The funny fuckers  That like to call and say they need a cab while you can hear the snickering in the laughter in the background trust me when I say if the dispatcher hears anything out of the ordinary or suspicious such as the examples  Listed above, your call ends quickly and you are banned from further use.